“The most beautiful pictures, are the ones unnoticed taken.”

With this motto I try to capture my environment with all its beauty and make it visible for others. Unfortunately mankind is trapped in their daily routines which makes us unable to see all of those incredibly beautiful and unique moments that happen around us every single second and let them pass by. But life offers us so much more than we are willing to see.
You only have to look closely.  

My name is Marco Klahold, a 24-year-old self-taught freelance photographer from Cologne, Germany. I discovered my interest in photography during a year abroad in California, USA with the age of 16 when I randomly participated a photography class in high school. A year later I hold my first DSLR camera in my hands. At first it was not more than a small hobby of mine. Only with an age of 19 I began to take it more serious. 
Meanwhile, it is more than just a hobby. 
It is my passion. 

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